Ethics Application
To be tabled to Ethics Committee
Important Information
Prior to completing this Ethics Application, it is strongly recommended that you read 'Research Ethics Policy' on the Alphacrucis College website, and the National Research Ethics Guidlines which can be downloaded from: You should also read the document 'Requirements for Ethics Application Forms'. which includes instructions on what to prepare for completing this form and provides templates for the documents that need to accompany this form. To view this document and additional supporting information please click here
For more information, please see this video on Applying for Ethics Approval for Research (18 Minutes).
If your research involves gathering new information or data from people such as through surveys,
interviews, focus groups. observation, personal written information or personal measurements (e.g.
weight, saliva measures) which will be made public, it needs ethical approval. This form is provided to
enable easy applications to the Alphacrucis Human Research Ethics Committee for such approval.
If your research only uses data or information which has been previously collected with its own ethical
approval (such as national censuses or omnibus published surveys) or data that is publicly available
(such as blogs publicly posted on the Internet), ethics approval is not needed and you do not need to
complete this form.

If you are doing research within an organisation solely for the use of that organisation, such as seeking
feedback from students on their experiences of their studies, or feedback from staff, no ethical approval is
needed as long as that research is not going to be made public. If it will be made public, ethics approval
should be sought.

Note for HDR candidates: Confirmation of Canditature must be passed before applying for ethics

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Details of Researcher

Are you an Alphacrucis College HDR candidate? *
Is your research being overseen by a supervisor/s?
Names of any additional researchers involved in the project

Details of Research Project

0/200 words
Is the research being funded? *
What are the anticipated starting and concluding dates of your collection of information or data for your research? ( You may give an approximate dates).
Which of the following forms of collection of data will you be using in your research? (tick all that apply) *

Participants in the Research

A basic ethical principle is that people make a truly voluntary decision as to whether to participate or not
in your research project. They must indicate their consent to the research. If they are doing a survey in
their own time and in a private space, the fact that they complete the survey is understood as their
consent to it. If you are conducting interviews or focus groups, you must obtain written consent from all
participants before the interview or group event. Ensure your consent form is attached to this application.
If they cannot give their own consent or are aged under 18 years of age, then you should also obtain
consent from a parent or guardian.
Are the following statements true of the people you are inviting to participate in this research? *
 TrueNot TrueMay be true
They are 18 years or older
They all live in Australia
They are in a state of good health and able to make their own decisions
They are not dependent on the researcher in any way or in an unequal power relationship (such as students in the researcher's class)
They are not members of a culturally or ethnically vulnerable group
This research is not of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders

Recruiting Participants for Your Research

Recruitment of participants must take place in such a way that people feel under no obligation to
participate. It is also important to respect the privacy laws when you are recruiting. Thus, you cannot use a
church directory, for example, to contact people because people did not give their contact details for the
purpose of research. However, you can ask the leaders of the organisation to publicise the research and
invite people to contact you. You cannot ask individuals for the names and addresses of people you might
contact to participate in the research, but you can ask them to give an advertisement to other people who
may then get in touch with you.
Do you need permission from an organisation, club or business to recruit people for the research? (if so, ensure you attach your letter seeking permission or a letter indicating that permission has been granted) *

How will you be inviting people to participate in your research? If you will be advertising your research, attach the flyer or other advertisement to this application. *

Research with Minors

If you are doing research which involves minors (generally under 18 years of age), you will need to be
especially careful to obtain consent from parents and guardians as well as the participants. You will need
to have the information about the research written appropriately for the participants. Please ensure the
appropriate consent forms and information sheets are attached to this application. If you research does
not involve minors, move to the following section 'Research Outside Australia'.
Please respond to each of the following items if you are doing research with minors. *
 YesNoNot SureNot applicable
Have you obtained written approval from relevant organisations for your research?
Are you seeking consent from the children's parents or guardians?
Have you explained the concept of anonymity to potential participants and the limits of confidentiality under the Child Protection legislation in your Information Sheet?
Have you completed Child Protection Training for Workers with Children?
Do you have a current Working With Children Check?
Have you ensured research will be in a suitable public location for the children's protection?
Will you explain to the children that they may withdraw at any time without needing to explain?
Have you ensured that parents or guardians can be present if they so wish or if the child wishes?

Research with Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

If your research involves Aboriginals or Torres Strait Islanders or will be conducted in an area in which
Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders are likely to be participants, then you will need to answer the following
questions. If your research is not likely to involve Aboriginals or Torres Strait Islanders, then please
proceed to the following section on research overseas.
Have you received assessment and advice from people familiar with the culture and research among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders? If so, please upload the assessment advice you received.

Research Outside Australia

If you are conducting research outside Australia, complete the following questions. If all your research is
being done within Australia, please move to the following section 'Conducting the Research'.
In what countries will you be conducting your research? *

Conducting the Research

In your research, it is important to minimise any harm or discomfort which could arise from the questions or from the way that the research is conducted.
Does your research cover any of the following issues? *
Personal issues including trauma, loss, death, suicide, grief, gambling, substance abuse, sexuality or gender?
Sensitive workplace, church, or other organisational issues?
Sensitive cultural issues including race, ethnicity, or sexuality?
Possible criminal behaviour of participants?
Physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual health of participants?
Fertility and/or pregnancy (including abortion)?
Other sensitive issues?
Do the methods in your research involve any of the following? *
Deception or concealment?
Disguised covert observation or recording without consent?
Counselling practices or psychological interventions or treatments?
Administration of a physical stimulus?
Collection of physical samples from participants?
Withholding a benefit from which a participant may benefit?
Use of personal data obtained from a 3rd party such as government, medical, or psychological records?
Other methods which might involve some harm to the participant?


It is important to keep confidential the information that you are gathering. One way to minimise the
problem is not to collect any information which might identify the participants. Otherwise, it may well be
necessary to 'de-identify' the data you collect so that the identifying details of the participants are kept
separately from other data.
In your research, will you be asking for or recording the name of your participants or any information which could be used to identify them? *
Will anyone apart from the research team be involved in the research, either conducting interviews or assisting with the analysis? If so, ensure you have included a confidentiality agreement form for use with such person with your applications

Other Documents Relevant to the Research

Which of the following documents will you be forwarding separately? (Tick all the apply. Note that templates are available for all these documents in 'Completing a CRA Ethics Application')

Additional Information

Is there any additional information you would like to provide the Human Research Ethics Committee? *


I, the undersigned, declare that:
1. The information supplied in this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge;
2. I have read the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research and accept responsibility for the conduct detailed in this application in accordance with the principles contained therein and any additional principles required by the institution to which I am accountable for this research.
3. I have no conflicts of interest other than those stated in the above application.
Signature/s of researcher/s *