Diploma of Ministry (Leadership)
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Dear Applicant,

We believe ministry experience matters! As a result, we designed this course specifically for those who have developed ministry skills and knowledge over time as a Christian leader (we recommend a minimum of five years). Therefore, though some online training is provided, the focus of this course in on assisting students to achieve accredited recognition of their skills and knowledge developed through their ministry experience.

With this in mind, to ensure this course is right for you at this time we have prepared a Self-Assessment Checklist which you must complete before applying.

The checklist details:

  1. The skills and knowledge you will need to be able demonstrate, and
  2. The kinds of evidence you will need to be able to provide to demonstrate these skills and knowledge including amongst other things, a Detailed Curriculum Vitae and References.

If after completing the checklist you believe you can provide all the required evidence by the end of the course, then we encourage you to apply. However, if you think you will be unable to provide it all at this time, then we recommend you consider speaking to one of our Future Students representatives about the formal study options we have available or revisiting this course when you are in a stronger position to satisfy the requirements.

NB: You will ultimately have the length of the course to provide all the required evidence. So, in cases where the evidence you require from previous experience is unavailable, you may still be able to arrange to produce some new evidence in your current ministry position to be submitted within the course timeframe.

For those who do not currently possess a ministry credential or have not had 5 years of ministry leadership experience, you may still be eligible. Eligibility will be assessed via an interview with one of our staff.

Once you have been accepted into the course you will be given access to our online learning platform. On this platform you will be provided with the training resources and further information regarding submission requirements.

For more information on this RPL course, please click here.


2021 Course Dates
Intake 3: 19th July - 24th September (Census: Mon 2nd Aug)
Intake 3 Application Close Date: 15th July
Intake 4: 11th October - 17th October (Census: Mon 25th Oct)
Intake 4 Application Close Date: 7th October
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Please obtain a USI before continuing.
This program requires a government issued Unique Student Identifier (USI) number. See http://www.usi.gov.au/ for details and to secure your USI.
Please note: The disability information requested is required to submit data sourced from this form to the Australian government as a regulatory requirement. The information may be used for regulatory or research purposes. The answers provided in this section will not impact your admission eligibility.
Please note: The disability information requested is required to submit data sourced from this form to the Australian government as a regulatory requirement. The information may be used for regulatory or research purposes. The answers provided in this section will not impact your admission eligibility.
The Department of Employment, Education and Workplace Relations requires this information to be collected for statistical purposes. It will not be used by Alphacrucis College in the assessment of your Application for Admission.
Please ensure that you attach all the documents required for entry into your course of study. Incomplete applications will delay your application.

Course Enrolment

Tuition Fees are required at the commencement each Payment Period.
Full Course Flat Rate - $3,000
10648NAT Diploma of Ministry (Leadership)

MINTHE501 Apply Christian ethical principles
MINPAS501 Implement and evaluate a ministry activity
CHCPAS001 Plan for the provision of pastoral and spiritual care
MINBIB501 Investigate and interpret biblical data
MINTHE401 Understand and apply a Christian theology
MINCOM501 Preach a sermon
LEDLED501 Acquire leadership skills
BSBLDR403 Lead team effectiveness
BSBWOR502 Lead and manage team effectiveness
MINPAS402 Work in a ministry team
MINBIB401 Effectively communicate the principles of the Old Testament
MINBIB402 Effectively communicate the principles of the New Testament *
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Computer and internet literacy and access are essential skills. The College’s Admissions Policy is that students require access to computer and internet facilities. Written assignments are submitted online in typescript with some assignment topics requiring database and internet research.

I am over 18 years of age *

I have read and agree to abide by the conditions outlined in the Fees, Payment and Tuition Assurance Policy. I understand that, should I experience financial difficulties, I (or my sponsor) will continue to be responsible for my own tuition fees and that I will not be able to seek fee assistance or other financial assistance from Alphacrucis College. *
I have read and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and I understand and accept the Policies and Procedures of Alphacrucis College. I wish to be considered for entry into the program that I have nominated. I declare that the information that I have provided herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. *
I understand and accept that I have computer literacy skills and have access to a computer and internet facilities. *
I understand that the Mission and Values of Alphacrucis College are based on Christian faith and beliefs. I acknowledge that Christian worldview and values will be an integrated part of the curriculum in all courses.  *
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