Variation of Enrolment Form (VET)

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Variation Details:
I request permission to to vary my enrolment as follows: *
This form should be used by any student who wishes to apply to withdraw from a unit (s) of which the Census Date has not passed. 

Please do not use this form if you are wanting to withdraw After Census Date.  Please use the Student Affairs Committee Application Form.
If you wish to transfer to another course please us the Transfer of Award form.
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Please Note:

Withdrawal: Withdrawing from a  VET unit of study after commencement and prior to the census date for that semester is permitted without affecting the student's transcript. All changes made  before the census date (which will not occur less than 20 percent of the way through the period during the unit is undertaken), tuition will be refunded upon your request. Students who withdraw from a VET unit of study after census date will not receive refund of their unit fees. 
I understand and accept the Policies and Procedures of Alphacrucis College. I understand that I declare that the information that I have provided herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Enrolment Policy (withdrawal information here)
Leave of Absence Policy
Refund Policy