This form is used to lodge an official complaint or grievance to AC.
AC is committed to providing effective complaint and grievance management systems which prioritise the welfare of those involved.
For information regarding AC's Complaint and Grievance processes, please see our online Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM): Complaint & Grievance Resolution Policy.
We ask that before lodging a formal complaint, the matter is addressed with the relevant AC staff member to make sure that the matter did not arise from unclear communication or a clerical error.
If you are raising an issue where your safety has been threatened or violated by another student or staff member, it is not expected that you first seek informal reconciliation with this person as this may endanger your safety. Proceed directly to completing this form.
You need to include a copy of supporting documentation to provide evidence in support of your complaint or grievance.
For example, this might be a medical certificate or letter from a medical practitioner in the case of illness, email correspondence, diary record of events, or graded assessment, etc., so that the college can accurately assess your circumstances.
You may be accompanied and assisted by a support person at any relevant meetings.
Your enrolment during complaints and grievance process is ongoing.
I am an international student on a Student visa *
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Have you already discussed the problem with the other person/s involved to seek a resolution informally? *
If no, please DO NOT continue filling out this form. Please address your matter with the person/s involved directly. Only when you don't receive a satisfactory resolution, continue with this form.