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Commitment Agreement

The Local Church College involves an agreement between Alphacrucis College and the local church as a Local Church College Centre for the delivery of the 11088NAT Certificate IV in Ministry and Discipleship and/or the Higher Education Diploma of Leadership and/or the Higher Education Diploma of Ministry. As such, each party will make the following commitments: 

Alphacrucis is committed to:

  1. Providing students with the high quality, accredited award that is subject to continual improvement.
  2. Timely product delivery: our benchmark is that the liaison will receive product within 10 buisness days of Alphacrucis having received student enrolment forms with successful payment.
  3. Providing effective and efficient administrative and educational support to the student, and where necessary, the liaison.
  4. Insurance coverage for students fulfilling their field training component is as follows:   Alphacrucis students undertaking volunteer workplace field training as a compulsory requirement of their program of study are covered by the College's public liability insurance, and are also provided cover by the Experiential Education and Clinical Teaching Model Policy
  5. Providing discounts for the students of the Certificate IV in Ministry. At the present time this is 50% of normal course fees.
  6. Donating a percentage of the tuition fees for the Higher Education Diploma of Leadership and the Higher Education Diploma of Ministry to the church after census date. At the present time this is 20% of current fees.

 We agree to fulfil these commitments to the best of our ability.

Stephen Fogarty 

The Local Church is committed to:

  1. Designating an appropriate liaison to liaise with Alphacrucis.
  2. Integrity in product delivery. This is facilitated by following the procedures set out in the Liaison Manual. Specifically this recognises that our ASQA accreditation requires that Alphacrucis faculty are the teachers of the subjects (trainers and assessors) of the units of study and the local church is providing a liaison to help students integrate their learning to their minstry context. 
  3. Providing students with pastoral support. The liaison will often become aware of student needs before Alphacrucis, and so is encouraged to refer students on for all academic and online support to our tutor for Cert IV vetassist@ac.edu.au or diploma.assist@ac.edu.au for the HE Diplomas.
  4. All workplace providers shall lodge a certificate of currency for their public liability insurance of not less than $10,000,000. Please attach a copy of the certificate of currency.
  5. All workplace providers shall ensure the workplace conforms to current Work Health and Safety Legislation applicable for the duration of the internship.

The Student is committed to:

  1. Pro-actively seek out the requirements of Alphacrucis for successful completion of the course, including meeting assessment criteria and due dates, and contacting Alphacrucis for any further academic or online assistance.
  2. Pay for all course costs upon enrolling, HE via FEE HELP if eligible or up front. Cert IV payment upon enrolling.
We agree to fulfil the above commitments to the best of our ability *
Kay Dohle
Director of Church Partnerships
0413 625 196
The Korean Church Partnership Administrator