Transfer of Course Form
This form is for students who have just started or are part way through their current course, and wish to change.
Other Options:
- If you are graduating from your current award and seeking to progress, complete a new Application Form.
- If it has been over two years since you last studied with AC, please complete a new Application Form.


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Contact Details

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Course Details

Students requesting a Transfer of Course must meet the admission criteria of the course to which they wish to transfer.

* Please note that the subjects completed in the current course will be cross-credited to the new course to the extent that they fit within the requirements and structure of the new course. If you are unsure whether you should transfer, please contact the Program Director of the current course in which you are enrolled for further advice.  

* Please note that our admissions team may contact you after submission of this form to request additonal details/documents, depending on the requirements of the new course you have chosen. 

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