The variation of enrolment form allows you to change the details of your current enrolment.
On this form you can request to:
- change your unit selection (e.g. withdraw and re-enrol)
- withdraw from your units or course of study
- change your payment method (for currently enrolled units)
- apply for a leave of absence
- enrol into units (where it is not possible to do so on the regular enrolment forms)
Please note that it is not advised that you use the variation form to enrol unless you have been specifically advised to do so. For general enrolments, please use the relevant Enrolment Form
Student Details:
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Variation Details:
Please be advised that applications for leave will only be considered where compelling personal, medical or compassionate grounds exist. Alphacrucis College (AC) advises all temporary entrants to seek immigration advice prior to completing this leave application. AC may choose to grant or decline a student’s request for Leave of Absence, in accordance with AC's Leave of Absence Policy.
If you are seeking to transfer to a new Provider / Institution and have not yet completed a full semester at Alphacrucis College, please complete the International Student Application for Release.
If you are seeking to transfer to a new Provider / Institution and have not yet completed a full semester at Alphacrucis College, please complete the International Student Application for Release.
Please be aware that changes to payment method must be requested before census date. Changes to payment method after census date will not be processed.
This form should only be used by any student who wishes to withdraw from a unit (or units) for which the census date has not yet passed, or to request to change to another unit if the unit into which the student is wishing to enrol has not yet commenced.  To find the census date or start date for your unit, please consult the relevant Timetable.

Please do not use this form if you are wanting to withdraw after census date, or enrol after a unit has commenced.
Withdrawals post census will not be processed unless the student has sufficient evidence to show they meet the "special circumstances" for Late Withdrawal (refer to AC's Enrolment Policy). Students who do not meet the "special circumstances" requirements for Late Withdrawal will remain enrolled in their unit(s) and receive a Fail grade for any incomplete assessments/units.
To request a Late Withdrawal (withdrawal after census date) students must submit a Student Affairs Committee Application Form.
As per the college's Leave of Absence Policy, you must not be enrolled in any subjects whilst taking leave. Please withdraw from your current subjects below. 
Subject Variation Details:
Subject Variation Details:
Subject Variation Details:

Direct Deposit
Once deposited into the bank, please ensure you advise our accounts department.
Phone +61 2 8893 9000 // Fax +61 2 8893 9099
Accounts Name:   Alphacrucis College
BSB Number:       062141
Account Number: 28003829
Swift Code:         CTBAAU2S
Bank Name:        Commonwealth Bank
Branch Name:      Chester Hill, NSW

Credit Card

We note that you have selected your payment method as Credit Card please follow the steps below:


If you are withdrawing from a subject before the census date and believe you are eligible for a refund, Please complete a Refund Request Form and someone from our team will be in touch regarding this.


If you are withdrawing and enrolling into another subject your payment will be reallocated to the new subject and you are not required to make any additional payment.


If you are enrolling into a new subject and would like to make this payment by credit card, you will need to phone through to our reception on (02) 8893 9000 to make this payment, please note that any payment made via credit card over the phone/or in reception will incur a 1% surcharge.


For more information regarding fees please see our website.

Reason for Request:

Will you be submitting any additional documents to support your request? (e.g. flights, medical certificate, etc.) * 🛈

Please Note:

Withdrawal: Withdrawing from a program unit prior to the census date for that semester is permitted without affecting the student's transcript. Tuition fee(s) will be refunded upon completion of a Refund Request Form. Students who request to withdraw from a unit after census date will receive a fail grade ('F') on their transcript for any incomplete units, and no refund will be paid.
Late Withdrawal: If there were special circumstances (e.g. compassionate or compelling medical circumstances, etc.) that prevented a student from withdrawing before census date, the student may apply to the Student Affairs Committee for a Late Withdrawal. If approved, there will be no financial or academic penalty to the student.  
For more information on our policies and procedures regarding Enrolment Variation and Leave of Absences, please visit:
Refund Policy
Fees, Payments and Tuition Assurance Policy
Enrolment Policy (withdrawal information here)
I understand and accept the Policies and Procedures of Alphacrucis College. I declare that the information that I have provided herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
I understand and accept the Enrolment Policies and Procedures of Alphacrucis College and understand that I cannot request to withdraw after census date or enrol after a unit has commenced using this form.
I understand and accept that my CoE certificate(s) will be cancelled as a result of any withdrawal or release requests being approved. *
I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to re-enrol after a period of approved leave, and failure to do so may result in the termination of my enrolment on the grounds of abandoning my studies. *
As a student of the college, you will receive communication from us from time to time. Please indicate below whether you would still like to receive updates from Alphacrucis College: *