This form is for students at our Alphacrucis Campuses in Adelaide, Perth and Sydney. 
If you are studying at one of our other campuses (Brisbane, Hobart or Melbourne), please contact your campus administrator for details on how to apply for travel concession in your state. 
Applicants in Adelaide, Perth and Sydney must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for a travel concession card:
- Full-time study load
- Studies face-to-face at an AC Campus
- Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident 
Unfortunately if you are studying part-time or online or an International student, you are not eligible for a concession card. 

Student Details

Alphacrucis College Campus *

Adelaide Metro

Please complete this application. AC will then confirm your eligibility.
Once this is confirmed, AC will print and send your AC Student Card and Travel Concession Card to your nominated postal address.
Please post my travel card to: *

Trans Perth

Please complete the TransPerth Application form at the following link: TransPerth Tertiary Student Card. Once you've downloaded and completed the application form, you will need to upload it to this form in the section provided. AC will then proceed to check that the details are correct, stamp, sign and then reutrn the application to you. 


Alphacrucis College will organise an application with Opal. You will then need to log in/sign up to the Opal webpage and apply for an Opal Student Travel Card. 
Allow 10 working days for this process to take place before applying to Opal for your concession
I give my consent for Alphacrucis College to release the personal details I have provided in this form to the relevant provider. *

Further Information

Please don't hesitate to contact AC if you have any questions in regards to your application or the process. 
Please call (02) 8893 9000 or email