Who should apply?
This form should be completed by students who have substantial life or work experience, which equates to at least one complete unit of study.
Students need to demonstrate that, through their prior learning and experience,
they have met the learning outcomes/performance criteria of the subject in question. RPL is not just
based on experience in a subject area, but students also need to show awareness
of the theory within the area of study. The learning outcomes are listed on the
relevant subject page on the Alphacrucis College (AC) website.
Students then need to provide evidence to support their application and
demonstrate how they have met each learning outcome of the particular subject.
Appropriate types of evidence are listed in the RPL Policy, and may include a
portfolio with examples of previous work, references from employers with detailed
description of applicant skills and responsibilities, study transcripts, a reflective
essay, or a combination of these methods. This is not an exhaustive list and
students may include other evidence that supports their application.
What is Recgonised Prior Learning (RPL)?
RPL is the acknowledgement of a person's skills and knowledge acquired through previous
training, work or life experience, which may be used to grant status or credit in a VET unit of

It does not include the granting of status or credit for existing qualifications or units of
competency completed or previously formally recognised at the same or another RTO.
You may wish to apply for RPL if:
        -  You have at least 3 years of practical or vocational experience in ministry, but without formal qualifications.
        -  You have informal training or non-accredited study in your specialised field.
        -  You believe that the performance criteria can be met based on your experience.
Applicants intending to apply based on experience will need to provide a detailed CV. This should clearly show that yoru experience matches the criteria.  
Supporting Documents - Please provide all documents you think will support your application.
To complete the application for RPL you will need to provide:
- Current CV
- A cover letter addressed to the Program Director, demonstrating how your experience meets the performance criteria of the unit/s that you are seeking RPL for
- Letter of reference (optional)

Personal Details
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Please click on the link below to view the Performance Criteria for the units in your selected Award. If there are units in which you feel you meet all the Performance Criteria, please proceed with the application. 
Please specify the unit(s) that you wish to gain RPL for:


Documentation Required
Please provide the following supporting documentation:

Additional Information
Credits are determined on the basis of equivalence of subject content and learning outcomes matching the description and standards of the unit for which credit is sought. Actual credit awarded may be less than theoretical maximum established above.
Relevant Fees and Charges:
Application for RPL - $250 per unit.

Student Declaration
I certify that the information that I have is complete and true. I have read the information on the form carefully.