1. Correct personal details
You must ensure that your name, address and other contact details are correct. All information relating to the graduation will be sent to the email and postal addresses you provide. If you change your address, please notify the college immediately by completing the Change of Contact Details Form.
2. Outstanding fees and payments
All outstanding fees, and other payments such as library fines must be paid for a student to be eligible to graduate.
3. Eligibility
All enrolled units must be completed and any cross credit applications processed before a student is eligible to graduate. Students with outstanding assessments and results will not be able to graduate.
4. Regalia (Ceremony Only)
Students graduating in person are required to wear the complete regalia. Hoods, stoles and gowns according to award are to be hired from Alphacrucis.
Definition of Terms:
Absentia - Selecting to graduate without attending the Ceremony. You will receive your Testamur in the mail.
Ceremony - Selecting to graduate at AC's Graduation Ceremony. You will receive your Testamur at the Ceremony.
Transcript - A record of results showing all units studied with the final grade listed.
Testamur - An official certificate awarding the completion of your course. This is given to Higher Education students.
Certificate - An official certificate awarding the completion of your course. This is given to VET students.

Personal Details

Graduation Details

Do you have a USI (Unique Student Identifier)? *
Please obtain a USI before continuing.
From 1 January 2015, all students enrolled in VET courses are required to have USI (Unique Student Identifier). The USI is issued by the Australian Government and must be provided to Alphacrucis College before you can receive a training record or qualification. For more information on the USI click here. If you don't already have a USI please click here to create one before completing this form. (Links open in new window)
When creating your USI please remember to give Alphacrucis College permission to view your USI record by selecting "Add Organisation" on the "Manage Permissions" tab.
Organisation Code: 90525
Organisation Name: Alphacrucis College Ltd

I wish to: *
I wish to: *
Your Certificate and Record of Results will be posted to the address given above. Documents will be issued within 30 days of students being identified by AC as eligible for graduation. We will contact you by email to let you know that the documents have been posted.
Your Statement of Attainment will be mailed to the address you have provided on this form and you will be notified by email once it has been sent. If you do not receive your Statement of Attainment within 30 days, please contact

Graduation Ceremony Details

2022 Graduation Ceremony 
Saturday, 14th of May 2022
ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour
Further details, such as times and ticketing, will become available closer to the ceremony. 
Will you require assistance to climb 8-10 stairs to the graduation stage? *

Payment Details:

Paying on this Form
Following your submission of this application form, you will be redirected to make this payment via PayPal. Please be advised that you do not need an account to use PayPal, and can pay via credit card.
If payment is not made on this form, your graduation form will not be processed by the Registry department.
Current total to pay on this form:

Student Declaration:

To the best of my knowledge I have completed all the requirements for the course specified above and paid all the fees and costs arising from this course. I understand that my transcript and testamur will be withheld from me if I fail to pay the required costs and course fees. *