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Semester 1, 2019

Our Semester 1 2019 intake is now open. We warmly invite you to enrol as soon as possible into the subjects relevant to your program of study.

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As a student, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have completed the pre-requisites required. If you are unsure about subject selection, require academic guidance, or if this is your last enrolment before graduation, we are happy to assist.

Please contact your college facilitator for any clarification of subject choices.  

The deadline for enrolment is one week before the commencement of a subject. Unfortunately, there will be no allowances made for enrolments after this date:


If at any point leading up to the commencement of semester, you need to alter your enrolment, please do so using our Variation of Enrolment Form

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Additional Enrolment Information:
All costs related to this new enrolment must be either paid at enrolment or alternative arrangements made such as a nomination to FEE-HELP. We reserve the right not to enrol any student who has outstanding tuition or fees on their student account. FEE-HELP is only available to eligible students - please check eligibility at studyassist.gov.au. It is not available for non-award studies or International Students.
Please note, available subjects may change depending on student enrolment numbers.
The Diploma of Leadership & The Diploma of Ministry courses require 8 units to be completed; 6 Core units and 2 Elective units. Each unit is 10 credit points unless otherwise stated. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the relevant pre-requisite units are completed.
For Centrelink purposes, a minimum of 30 credit points in a semester period is considered Full-Time.
Take note the maximum study load in a trimester period is 50 credit points.
Online + Facilitated at a Local Church or External College Location: A class run through the Online Campus with learning support offered at a Local Church College or AC VET Partner college.
Variation: A change to your enrolment - to be completed before census date
Full-Time Load: Enrolment into at least 30 credit points in a semester period. Please note that there is a maximum of 50 credit points allowed in any semester period.
Part-Time Load: Enrolment into no greater than 25 credit points in a semester period
Tuition Fees
You have the following options:
a) Allocate all tuition fees to FEE HELP. Visit Study Assist for more information about FEE HELP
b) Pay all tuition fees UPFRONT via Paypal or Credit Card
c) Mixed allocation; allocate some tution fees to FEE HELP and pay upfront for others. You can indicate your allocation below.

Personal Details
Please note: International students within Australia who are on a student visa must be enrolled in the VET Diploma of Leadership or VET Diploma of Ministry. Please do not complete this form but complete the VET Leadership form or VET Diploma of Ministry form.
Please note: International students studying outside of Australia (i.e. don't require a student visa) are referred to as "offshore students".

Please ensure you select your subject choices carefully as some options on this form cannot be changed once they have been selected, and a new form will need to be completed. If you would like assistance in your subject choices, please contact your college Facilitator. 

 Semester 1 2019
4 March - 14 June
Census Date
25 March

Course Selection *

Diploma of Leadership

2019 FEES;
Domestic: $1200.00
International: $1350.00
Youth Alive Campus *
Subjects (you can select a maximum of 4 only)
Subject choices this semester:
*please speak to your Liaison BEFORE completing this form for confirmation of subjects choices 
Diploma of Leadership:
BIB001 - Introduction to the Bible (CORE)
BIB007 - Introduction to Israel's Scriptures
EXP001A - Professional Practice Part A(CORE)
EXP001B - Professional Practice Part B (CORE)
LEA001 - Introduction to Leadership (CORE)
LEA002 - Public Speaking (CORE)
LEA003 - Personal and Organisational Leadership (CORE)
THE001 - Christian Worldview (CORE)
BIB002 - Genesis
MIN001  - Introduction to Pastoral Ministry
MIN002 - Christian Spirituality
MIN006 - Youth Ministry
THE002 - Pentecostal Worldview
THE003 - Leadership Ethics
Payment Method
Payment Method
Payment Method
Payment Method
Payment Method
Payment Method

Diploma of Ministry

2019 FEES;
Domestic: $1200.00
International: $1350.00
Subjects (you can select a maximum of 4 only)
Subject choices this semester:
*please speak to your Liaison BEFORE completing this form for confirmation of subjects choices 
Diploma of Ministry:
BIB001 - Introduction to the Bible (CORE)
BIB002 - Genesis 
BIB007 - Introduction to Israel's Scriptures 
CCM001 - Introduction to Cross Cultural Ministry 
EXP002A - Professional Practice in Ministry Part A (CORE)
EXP002B - Professional Practice in Ministy Part B (CORE)
LEA001 - Introduction to Leadership 
LEA003 - Personal and Organisational Leadership 
MIN001 - Introduction to Pastoral Ministry (CORE)
MIN002 - Christian Spirituality
MIN003 - Preaching (CORE)
MIN004 - Communicating the Faith 
MIN006 - Youth Ministry 
THE001 - Christian Worldview (CORE or Elective if THE002 not selected)
THE002 - Pentecostal Worldview (CORE)
THE004 - Ethics in Ministry (CORE)
Payment Method
Payment Method
Payment Method
Payment Method
Payment Method
Payment Method

I intend to pay using the following payment method: *
Direct Deposit:
Account Name: Alphacrucis College
BSB: 062 141
Account Number: 280 038 29
Swift Code: CTBAAU2S
Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank (Chester Hill)
I selected Fee-Help as my payment method on my application for this course and have completed the Government eCAF  (electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form) providing my Tax File Number? You should've received an email during your application process. This would've requested for you to confirm your details and enter in your Tax File Number (TFN).  *
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Policies and Procedures

For more information on our policies and procedures regarding your application, please visit: 



Students may withdraw from subjects without academic penalty only if notice of withdrawal is submitted via the Enrolment Variation Form (Link) by 4:00pm on the Census Date applicable for the subject in question.

If withdrawal occurs up to 4:00pm on the Census Date, the tuition fee will be refunded but a withdrawal penalty may be charged to the student. If withdrawal occurs after 4pm on Census Date, the tuition fees will not be refunded.

If Alphacrucis defaults in the delivery of subjects, the arrangements set out in the Alphacrucis College Refund Policy* will be applied.

Privacy Legislation

Alphacrucis College requires the information requested in this form in order to provide you with education services and cater for particular student's needs. If you do not provide all the relevant information, we may not be able to provide such services and to assess your academic progress.

Please note that Alphacrucis College may provide your personal information and sensitive information to third parties (eg. educational institutions such as universities, colleges and accreditation boards and Australian government bodies such as DEEWR, Centrelink and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Tuition Assurance Scheme, ESOS Assurance Fund Manager) in order to provide you with education services and assess your academic progress or suitability. You can request access to your health and personal information by contacting the Privacy Officer, for more information please read the Electronic Publishing and Resource Use Policy.

I understand and accept the withdrawal and privacy policies of Alphacrucis College and I wish to be enrolled in the subjects that I have nominated. I declare that the information that I have provided herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. *