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Dear Applicant, 
As an applicant to Alphacrucis College through our Local Church College (LCC) Program, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have been in contact with your chosen LCC Liaison to discuss and confirm your place in their program. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you have all the correct documentation and meet the admissions requirements associated with your course. 
Required Documents
- A copy of your Birth Certificate or Passport (Passport if not born in Australia)
- Proof of Citizenship if not born in Australia and no Australian Passport (Permenant Residency Visa or Australian Citizenship Certificate)
- If you have recently completed Year 12, please supply your State Issues Certificate (ie. HSC, QCE, WACE, SACE, TCE, VCE or NTCET)
- 200 word Statement of Intention
Any applications that are submitted incomplete will receive a 5 day grace period before they are put on hold and no further action is taken. You will be contacted by the Partners Registry department regarding the missing documents and/or information. 
Applications close three weeks prior to the commencement of the intake. Unfortunately there will be no allowances made for applications submitted after the due date. 
* Final day for VET MARCH 2019 INTAKE: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18 2019
* Final day for MARCH 2019 INTAKE: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18 2019 (VET & HE) (Australian LCC)
If you have any questions throughout this process, please contact your LCC Liaison with your enquiry. They will be able to either answer it or forward it to Alphacrucis College for answering. 
Yours sincerely, 
Partners Registry Department
30 Cowper Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150, Australia
T: +61 2 8893 9000

Personal Details
Please note: If you have selected Permanant Resident please upload evidence of Residency below.
If you have selected Temporary Entry Permit, you must have a current visa that has no limitations on study in Australia. Please upload evidence of your current Visa issued by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection below.

Church Details (LCC Centre)
Previous Harvest Bible College Student *
Course Selection *
Course Selection *
Course Selection *

Emergency Contact
Are they in Australia or international? *

English Proficiency
Please note: The disability information requested is required to submit data sourced from this form to the Australian government as a regulatory reporting requirement. The information may be usedfor regulatory or research purposes. The answers provided in this section will not impact your admission eligibility. 
Education History
Do you have a USI (Unique Student Identifier)? *
Please obtain a USI before continuing
From January 1 2015, all students enrolled in VET courses are required to have a USI (Unique Student Identifier). The USI is issued by the Australian Government and must be provided to Alphacrucis College before you can receive a training record or qualification. For more information on the USI click here. If you don't already have a USI please click here to create one before completeing this form.
Secondary Level
Tertiary Level (TAFE, College, University)
Current Studies
Are you currently studying elsewhere? *
Cross-Credit & Recognised Prior Learning
Students have the opportunity to apply for cross-credit or recognised prior learning (RPL) after they have accepted their offer of study at Alphacrucis College. 
If you have any questions, please contaact partners.registry@ac.edu.au
Education level of your Parents or Guardians
The Department of Employment, Education and Workplace Relations requires this information to be collected for statistical purposes. It will not be used by Alphacrucis College in the assessment of your Application for Admission.
Parent / Guardian 1 *
Parent / Guardian 2 *
Application Checklist
Please ensure that you upload all the documents required for entry into your course of study.
Incomplete applications will delay your admission.

* A copy of Passport or Birth Certificate (must be Passport if you were not born in Australia). 

* A copy of Proof of Citizenship if you were not born in Australia and you are not an international student requiring a student visa to study in Australia. Accepted evidence includes Permanant Residency visa or Australian Citizen Certificate. 

* A 200 word Statement of Intention, outlining why you would like to study. Please upload this as a PDF or Word Document only in the field provided. 

If you experience difficulty in uploading any documents please email scans promptly to partners.registry@ac.edu.au

Entry Requirements

Special or Alternative admission arrangements

Consideration will be given to other factors such as practical experience, community service, maturity, motivation, and the likelihood of satisfactory completion of the academic requirements of the course.

Special admission pathways are also open for educationally disavantaged applicants and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

In addition to the Statement of Intention, applicants seeking special or alternative admission arrangements will need to provide all of the following:

1. A relevant CV/Resume outlining practical ministry experience and/or community service

2. A recent reference from a person in leadership to support addmission. The reference must not be from a family member. Please provide phone contact details in the reference

3. An academic report of the final year undertaken of secondary schooling

I am seeking admission based on the following entry requirements: *

Payment of Tuition Fees
Tuition Fees are required before each semester begins. Please make sure your Local Church College receives your tuition. Alphacrucis College does not accept individual payments directly for LCC students.
Please note that no enrolments will be processed until the payment has been finalised. 
Payment of Tuition Fees
If you are considering to apply for a FEE-HELP loan of $8,800 for the Diploma of Leadership, you MUST read the FEE-HELP information for 2017 booklet before completing this form. You can download your copy from the Study Assist Website which will tell you about the loan and your obligations. Please note that there is a loan fee of 25% to be added to the loan amount of each unit.
Please note that by applying for FEE-HELP you need to have a valid Tax File Number. 
If you currently do not have this, please apply for one at the ATO. There is a turn around time of approximately 4 weeks.
You are not eligible for a FEE-HELP loan and will need to pay upfront for this course.
I meet ALL of the below criteria:
- I first began to be usually reside in Australia at least 10 years before the test day* and at that time I was a dependant child under the age of 18 with no spouse or de facto partner; and
- I have been in Australia for at least:
        - a total of 8 out of 10 years immediately before the test day, and 
        - a total of 18 months out of the 2 years immediately before the test day. *
You are not eligible for a FEE-HELP loan and will need to pay upfront for this course.
Information for New Zealand SCV holders:
You must provide evidence to your provider, on or before the census date, that you first began residing in Australia as a minor at least 10 years before the test day.
*For the purposes of this form, 'test day' means the first day you successfully applied for a HELP loan as an eligible NZ SCV holder for a unit that formed part of the same course of study. If you have not previously applied for a HELP loan for a unit that forms part of your course of study then the 'test day' is the date you submit this form.
You are not eligible for a FEE-HELP loan and will need to pay upfront for this course.

Students will be required to provide evidence that they began living in Australia as a child at least ten years before applying for HELP

As a guide, proof of residency may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Australian academic transcripts (including VET transcripts) dated when the applicant was a minor
  • School reports or certificates
  • Enrolment papers from when the applicant was a minor
  • Australian proof of age card from when the applicant was a minor
  • Australian student ID card or concession card
  • Stamped passport
  • Payslips or payment summaries from when the applicant was a minor
  • Completed Certificate of application for a Tax File Number form, Tax File Number advice or notification of assessment of income tax dated from when the applicant was a minor.

You are not eligible for a FEE-HELP loan and will need to pay upfront for this course.
You are not eligible for a FEE-HELP loan and will need to pay upfront for this course.


Alphacrucis College requires the information requested of you in this form in order to provide you with education services and cater for particular student’s needs. If you do not provide all the relevant information, we may not be able to provide such services and to assess your academic progress.

Please also note that Alphacrucis College may provide your personal information and sensitive information to third parties (eg., educational institutions such as universities, colleges and accreditation boards and Australian government bodies such as DEEWR, Centrelink and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Tuition Assurance Scheme, ESOS Assurance Fund Manager) in order to provide you with education services and assess your academic progress or suitability. Here is a link to AC's Privacy Policy.

DET Privacy Notice and Student Declaration

Under the Data Provision Requirements 2012, Alphacrucis College is required to collect personal information about you and to disclose that personal information to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd (NCVER).


Your personal information (including the personal information contained on this enrolment form), may be used or disclosed by Alphacrucis College for statistical, administrative, regulatory and research purposes. Alphacrucis College may disclose your personal information for these purposes to:


Commonwealth and State or Territory government departments and authorised agencies; and


Personal information that has been disclosed to NCVER may be used or disclosed by NCVER for the following purposes:


populating authenticated VET transcripts;

facilitating statistics and research relating to education, including surveys and data linkage;

pre-populating RTO student enrolment forms;

understanding how the VET market operates, for policy, workforce planning and consumer information; and

administering VET, including program administration, regulation, monitoring and evaluation.

You may receive a student survey which may be administered by a government department or NCVER employee, agent or third party contractor or other authorised agencies. Please note you may opt out of the survey at the time of being contacted.


NCVER will collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the National VET Data Policy and all NCVER policies and protocols (including those published on NCVER's website at www.ncver.edu.au).

I declare that the information I have provided to the best of my knowledge is true and correct. I consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my personal information in accordance with the Privacy Notice above. *

Policy and Procedures

(For a complete copy of the policies please refer to the Alphacrucis College Policy and Procedure Manual)

For more information on our policies and procedures regarding your application, please visit: 

Are you under 18 years of age? *
Please select, print and complete the Parent Consent Form

I understand and accept the Policy and Procedures of Alphacrucis College. I wish to be considered for entry into the program that I have nominated. I declare that the information that I have provided herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. *
I understand and agree to abide by AC’s Code of Conduct Policy http://ac.edu.au/ppm/code-conduct-policy/ *
By declining to abide by AC's Code of Conduct Policy, please not that admission to an AC course may be refused. 
I understand and accept that I have computer literacy skills and have access to a computer and internet facilities. *
I understand that the Mission and Vision of Alphacrucis College are based on Christian faith and beliefs. I acknowledge that Christian worldview and values will be an integrated part of the curriculum in all courses. *
Please Note: After clicking the Submit button below you should see a Success Page if your application has been successfully submitted. Please print this page or record the receipt number. If you do not see this page, please contact the Registrar (partners.registry@ac.edu.au) to confirm that your application was received.
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