Application for a Letter of Release
International Students will only be granted a Letter of Release in exceptional circumstances. International Students who have not completed the first six months of their principal course, and do not meet the exceptional circumstances criteria must remain with AC. Please refer to AC's International Student Transfer Policy to see if you are eligible to transfer providers.
Release Letter Information:
Release Letters will only be issued if:
- You have attached a copy of your new offer letter.
- Your request to transfer to another education provider complies with DIBP policy (
On receiving your application, the International Student Officer will assess your request.

What is the first six months of the principal course? The first six months is calculated as six calendar months from the date of commencement of the principal course. The principal course is usually the final course of study a student will undertake. For example, if they are taking a package course (i.e. Diploma + Bachelor) the principal course is the Bachelor course.
Have you completed at least one semester of study of your principal course with Alphacrucis College? *
International students enrolled at Alphacrucis College (AC) after the first six calendar months of their principal course, are free to transfer to another provider and do not require a release letter.
Are you currently enrolled in any units/subjects? *
This is not the correct form for you. Please complete the Enrolment Variation and Leave of Absence Form (Higher Ed) and select that you no longer wish to study at AC.

Student Details:

Letter of Release

As per the International Student Transfer Policy, if a student’s application for a transfer has been approved, they are eligible for a letter of release.

The College will grant a letter of release only where the student:

  1. Has provided a letter from another registered provider confirming that a valid enrolment offer has been made; and
  2. Has provided a letter detailing the benefits to them by enrolling in the alternate course.

Policies and Procedures:
Unless in the case of exceptional circumstances, when a student is enrolled in a package course and has not yet commenced their principal course, a refund will not be available on any deposit or advance payment of tuition fees for their principal course.
For more information on our policies and procedures, please visit:
Refund Policy
Fees, Payments and Tuition Assurance Policy

Please Note:

Alphacrucis College advises you to contact the Department of Immigration and Border Patrol to ensure your are eligible to transfer to your nominated education provider and ensure you are not in breach of any visa conditions:
I understand and accept the Policies and Procedures of Alphacrucis College. *
I understand and accept that my CoE certificate(s) will be cancelled. *
I declare that the information that I have provided herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. *
Please Note: After clicking the Submit button below you should see a Success Page if your application has been successfully submitted. Please print this page or record the receipt number. If you do not see this page, please contact the International Student Office ( to confirm that your application was received.