Exhibit and Trade Show Permit (IFC 105.6.13)

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Exhibit and Trade Show permits are required by the International Fire Code.  The City of Austin requires facilities to meet specific life safety standards when hosting these types of events.  Exhibits and trade shows are defined as any event with temporary vendor displays or booths.  Also indicated would be any set up that deviates from the normal use of the space to include sectioning off to reduce the size of the original space or a configuration which obstructs the exits within the space. 

Permits are required for facilities that hosts these type of events to include; conventions centers, event centers, arenas, hotels with ballrooms or meeting rooms and any other A-2 or A-3 facility.

To obtain the permit, a complete application and floor plan submission should be submitted and paid at least 21 days prior to your event. Applications and payments submitted after the 21 day deadline will be considered on a case by case basis and will depend on inspector availability.

Floor plans (PDF format) must include the following details to be considered for review;

·         Name of event

·         Dates of event

·         Venue Name

·         Address of event

·         Date of floor plan creation / Revision #

·         Location of exits including the direction of door swings, exit stairs and corridors.

·         Location of all booths, displays, catering, furniture, etc.  Must be to scale and include dimensions.

·         Aisles must have dimensions labeled.

·         Locations of Fire Extinguishers

·         Locations of Fire hose valves, hose cabinets, and fire alarm pull stations.

·         Locations of any cooking activities, excluding fixed kitchens.

The Exhibit and Trade Show Permit cost is $204,  $51 will be charged per additional floor plan review. All revisions/changes prior to approval are free of charge and must be sent directly to reviewer. If the changes are taking place after approval, please submit a new request online. The revision fee for requests after approval is $102.


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