Inclusion in the Membership Directory

The membership directory is a member benefit. To be included in The Academy of Georgia Chiropractors membership directory, you must:

1. Be a memeber of "The Academy" in good standing. The membership directory will be updated quarterly.

2. Understand that there are no guarantees.

3. Authorize "The Academy" to market the directory to insurance companies, WC payers, attorneys, other chiropractors, medical providers and the general public.

4. Understand that "The Academy" can remove you from the directory at any time for any reason.

5. "The Academy" member must practice at the listed location.

6. Follow the tenets of The Academy of Georgia Chiropractors. :The Academy" is an invitation only group of elite chiropractors who agree to promote clinical excellence and evidence-based care.

Evidence-based care is the only way forward for the chiropractic profession. Academy members are be recognized as healthcare providers who receive referrals from and work with medial doctors. Chiropractors should be the first choice for musculoskeletal care and fairly reimbursed.

Embracing evidence-based care is the only path forward for the chiropractic profession. Academy members will be recognized as valued members of the healthcare team. who receive referrals from, and work collaboratively with, other medical providers. Chiropractors should be the first choice for musculoskeletal care and should be fairly reimbursed.

Directory Listing for Members Only
Directories to be included (Mark all you accept) *
The Academy of Georgia Chiropractors is a scholarly, evidence-based organization of practitioners who are committed to the acquisition of the social, cultural and professional authority for the chiropractic profession, where the Doctor of Chiropractic serves a vital role in the mainstream health delivery system and is totally integrated as a non-surgical spinal care specialist.

The Academy is dedicated to clinical excellence, intellectual honesty, professional integrity, ethical practice and the delivery of patient-centered, patient-safe, evidence-influenced care and best practice. I agree to a routine check of my background and professional licensure history in order to demonstrate to the Academy my personal commitment to excellence, integrity, and honesty.

I agree to ALL of the above.