Together in Giving

Food defines community. It brings us together in times of joy, and can isolate us in hunger at times of despair. At Zelda’s, we are called to serve our community across the spectrum of its needs.

In times past it was a custom in many communities to invite at least one needy neighbor to partake of every celebratory meal. Today, a large number of our clients recall this beautiful tradition by asking us to donate the food left at the end of their event. We try to multiply the impact of this generosity whenever we can by preparing extra food in advance, beyond what we will need to serve the guest list. We then work with synagogues, homeless shelters and other groups to make sure all of this food reaches those needing it as quickly as possible. Often, this vital food reaches a family’s dinner table within an hour.

Sometimes the hunger in our community is easy to find, among the most destitute, those willing to reach out for assistance. But often the hunger is unseen in front of our eyes, among those newly in need, or too proud to ask. The organizations we choose to work with strive to address the hunger within our community on all of its levels, and on the most private, discrete basis.

The need around us today for food assistance is a larger and more complex challenge than ever, and Zelda's Catering At Your Table! wants to do even more with our unique resources to help address it.  

You can help us.

Sponsor Food for the Neediest

Zelda's Catering At Your Table! has teamed up with The Ark to provide basic nutritious meals, at cost, to help sustain those in hunger crisis within our community. Please be our partner in feeding the hungry. Sponsorships are just $8 per meal. Together we can make a real difference. 

Zelda’s and The Ark do all the work.

All you have to do is tell us the number of meals you wish to sponsor.

Meal Sponsorship

Sponsor a Family’s Shabbat

Please join Zelda's Catering At Your Table! and Chicago Chesed Fund in providing Shabbat meals, at cost, to families within our community needing food assistance. Each meal, suitable for a family's Shabbat table, is sized to serve a family of four for one Shabbat Dinner or Lunch. Sponsorships are just $36 per meal.     


Zelda’s and Chicago Chesed Fund do all the work.

All you have to do is tell us the number of family Shabbat meals you wish to sponsor.

Chicago Chesed Fund Shabbat Sponsorship
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