PaTTAN Coaching Supports

The Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN), on behalf of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Special Education, is pleased to offer coaching supports to K-12 educators.
The purpose of coaching is to:
  • provide "just in time", short-term support to address identified needs
  • support the refinement of knowledge and skills in a non-evaluative manner
  • assist in the identification of area(s) of need/interest and implement a plan to meet the established goal(s)
Coaching offers education personnel assistance to develop or enhance their capacity to support students with disabilities. Through coaching, Pennsylvania educators will be provided resources, receive feedback, and engage in professional dialogue as pathways toward improving practices and learner outcomes.
Onsite and virtual coaching is available at no cost. The length and time of the coaching is customized based on the request. Upon completion of the information below, a PaTTAN educational consultant will make contact within two business days. 

Please answer the following questions regarding your coaching request.
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