rental app


 with a $40.00 app fee for each Application

READ THIS!!    By signing below, the applicant has/have agreed that as part of the rental application, the manager or manager's agents have the right and privilege to perform a thorough background check which includes, but is not limited to: a credit check, a check of criminal records, a check of past and present employment, a check with past and present landlords, ect...   Any and all information received from any of these checks, whether checked personally or received through any independent agency, can and will be used to determine the applicant’s eligibility.  Sources will not be held liable for any information provided.  The applicant(s), by signing below, agrees to all of the above terms and authorizes the manager or manager's agents to freely make any background checks the manager deems necessary and give permission for the manager’s agents to run a credit check and background check.  Applicant also gives permission for any and all sources to provide the information requested.

Entire application must be filled in before applicant will be considered for any vacancies.  Each person over the age of 17 years old must fill-out a separate application.  There is a $40.00 non-refundable application fee for each individual.  If pets are included, owners accept full responsibility for their pet’s actions and agree to pay an additional $50.00 extra each month per pet for rent and an additional $200.00 deposit will be added on.  Occupancy shall be limited to a maximum of two persons per bedroom.

Do you have any criminal record? IF yes, what state and county? *
Have you ever filed bankruptcy? *
Have you ever been evicted? *
Are you a registered sex offender? *
YES, I authorize a credit and background check. *
How would you like to pay the $40.00 non-refundable application fee? *
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