JLCC Communications Request Form

Please use this form to submit content requests for eBlasts, Website and Social Media publishing.  It allows us to track the requests to make sure nothing gets missed in emails.  Please do not email requests directly to the eBlast or website team.
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FYI - Internal messages (items that pertain to only membership) will not be approved for Social Media.

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eBlast articles run continuously for a maximum of two eBlasts. Please fill out another request form to have your article run in more than two consecutive eBlasts. Thank you for your cooperation.
Please Note:  The eBlast is published on Monday.  All requests MUST BE received by the publishing team by Wednesday at 6 PM before the Monday publish date to be included in the following eBlast message.
If this content is for a public audience, has this content been through the Doc Approval process already?

**Please note, if the content is meant for social media only, it only needs to be approved by Communications Council and JLCC President and does not need to go through the formal doc approval process** *