IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu 
Student Leadership Conference
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The Student Leadership Conference focuses on topics of the greatest interest to IEEE-HKN students and is held once a year to provide the oppurtinity for IEEE-HKN student Chapters to network, learn about managing a Chapter, develop leadership skills, and more.
Hosting a Student Leadership Conference requires a great deal of hard work and effort. Please look at the past conferences loacted at for a sense of the work required. If you are still interested in this opportunity, please fill out this from completely by 15 May, 2013.
Any questions, contact

The IEEE-HKN Board of Governors is responsible for the final decision. They will review your plans and respond by 30 June, 2013.
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Please propose at least 4 possible dates for the Student Leadership Conference.  Please rank the dates in order of convenience.

Note: Large, sucessful conferences bring with them many expenses. One way for a host Chapter to cover conference costs it through revenue generation. 
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